Where is Dr Now’s office in Houston?

Are you an avid fan of ‘My 600 lb life?” and the amazing Dr Nowzaradan? Have you ever wondered “Where is Dr Now’s office in Houston?”

In this post we take a look at some of the regularly featured locations in the program including Dr Now’s office in Houston.

Dr Now Office in Houston

An episode of My 600 lb life would not be complete without seeing the patient visit Dr Nowzaradan’s office for the weighing and general stern talking to from Doctor Now.

Where is Dr Now's office in Houston?

Dr Nowzaradan’s office is located just of Bellaire Boulevard, Houston, Texas as shown below.

St Joseph’s Medical Centre

When it comes to surgical procedures or critical patients we often see them being admitted to St Joseph’s Medical Centre. Typically we see them arriving into the A&E underpass as shown below, followed by a general shot of the building.

St Joseph’s Medical Centre is located in the Central Business District of Houston, Texas.

Dr Paradise’s Office

When it comes to patients needing some physiological, Dr Now often sends them to his friend and colleague Dr Paradise. Below is Dr Paradise’s Office in Montrose, Houston.

If you know of any other regular locations used in My 600lb Life, please comment below.

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