Gavin & Stacey Filming Locations

Take a virtual walk around these external Gavin & Stacey Filming Locations.

Stacey, Bryn and Doris’s Houses

The properties, as featured in the BBC comedy are filmed on the same street. The Street being Trinity Street, Barry.
Stacey and Gwen at Number 47 (blocked on Google Street view), Doris next door at number 45, and Bryn over the road at number 48.

Trinity Street, Barry

The Shipman Family Home

The Shipman Family is not in Billericay, in fact its not in Essex, or even in England. It is in fact in Dinas Powys, a mere 10 minutes drive from Stacey’s house.

17 Laburnum Way, Dinas Powys

Barry Island – Marcos’

The Square, Barry Island, where both Gavin surprises Stacey at the end of episode 1, and the location of Marco’s where Stacey later works.

Gavin and Stacey’s Church Wedding

Gaving and Stacey got married in St Cattwgs Church in Llantwit Major at the end of series 1.

St Cattwgs Church, Llantwit Major

Neil ‘The Baby’s’ Christening & Dave & Nessa’s Wedding

Both of these two events were filmed at St Peter’s Church, Peterston-super-Ely as opposed to St Cattwgs Church, although as you can see, it is very similar in looks.

St Peter’s Church, Peterston-super-Ely

Neil The Baby’s Christening

Following on from the Church, the familes and guests head to the Christening (Slash) Engagement Party at The Tadross Hotel, Barry.

Tadross Hotel, Holton Road, Barry

Marks and Spencers

During the first Christmas episode Smithy heads to see Stacey working in Marks and Spencer’s to make use of her staff discount.

Marks & Spencer, Culverhouse Cross

Services Station

In both the first Christmas episode and the final episode of Series 3, Cardiff Gate was used for the Service Station scenes.

I Love A Barns Dance

Bryn and Stacey organised a surprise Barn Dance for Gwen, filmed at All Saint’s Church Hall.

All Saint’s Church Hall, Penarth

Rudi at the Drive Through

While looking for Smithy, Rudi does an action movie scene out of the Drive through and over the bonnet of Gavin’s car. Burker King was used as the location for the scenes.

Burger King, Culverhouse

Wedding Fayre

In Series 1, the families go to a Wedding Fayre, where Bryn hires a magician. The Wedding Fayre was filmed at Copthorne Hotel, CF5, 6DH.

Pub Quiz

During Stacey’s first visit to Billericay, the family head out to the local for a pub quiz hosted by Smithy. The Colcot Arms, Barry doubles as their local.

The Ship

The Ship where Gavin and Smithy go for a lunch time beer.

Harbour Rd, Barry CF62 5SB

Stag Kebab Shop

During Gavin’s Stag doo the group end up in a Kebab shop. This was T & A Kebabs in Cardiff.

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