Thatch roof art in Bluntisham

Bluntisham is a lovely small village around 30 minutes from the center of Cambridge. It has a stunning array of houses from old-style farmhouses to thatched cottages. At the heart of the village is the village’s cricket ground. The village plays host to cricket matches most weekends throughout the summer months. Sporting fixtures draw many to the village throughout the year. However, one curious novelty that draws visitors is the thatch roof art in Bluntisham.

Thatched Roof Art

The village has a number of properties with thatched roofs. A number of which have some amazing art at the peak of the roof. Here are a couple, including; a dunk and ducklings, a cat, and a witch on a broomstick.

The old telephone box in the picture has been converted into a friendly book exchange. Residents of the village can exchange books and board games with the community through the telephone box.

Bluntisham is a fun and friendly village. It has an incredibly strong community and holds a number of events throughout the year. The local scouts often make ‘Dog Poo Bag’ dispensers from old milk cartoons, and there are regular volunteer litter pickers. Every Christmas the local Rotary Club goes around the village with Santa and his sleigh. You will also see many residents selling plants or homemade bird boxes from their drives.

Beautiful Park

As mentioned earlier the village has a popular cricket ground within its heart. The cricket ground is surrounded by football pitches, a dog walking area, and a memorial orchard. The orchard thrives every summer with apple and pear trees.

So next time you are in Cambridgeshire, take some time to look at the amazing thatch roof art in Bluntisham. Furthermore, take a stroll through the Orchard and stay and watch the cricket.

Above all, thanks for reading i hope you enjoyed….James

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