Where was The Vicar of Dibley filmed?

The Vicar of Dibley is a BBC comedy starring Dawn French as the legendary Rev Geraldine Granger. The first female vicar of St Barnabas Church in the fictional village of Dibley. But as Dibley is a fictitious village, Where was The Vicar of Dibley filmed?

Dibley Village Location

The village of Turville, Buckinghamshire was used as the location of Dibley. Many of the external scenes were filmed in and around this location. Turville has appeared in many TV programmes and films over the year including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Goodnight Mr Tom and Midsummer Murders to name a few. Below we look at some of the key locations used for The Vicar of Dibley.

St Barnabas Church, Dibley

St Mary The Virgin Church, Turville Buckinghamshire was used for both external and internal filming scenes of St Barnabas Church. From taking part in Songs of Praise to hosting a service available to all creatures great and small.

The Vicarage, Dibley

Next to St Marys Virgin Church is the property used for the external filming of St Barnabas Vicarage. The home of Rev Geraldine Granger. The internal scenes of the vicarage were filmed in a purpose-built studio set and BBC studios.

David Horton’s House

David Horton’s stately home was filmed at Highmore Cottages, Little Missenden, Amersham. The property has been used in a number of TV programmes including Midsummer Murders.

I hope you enjoyed reading, Where was The Vicar of Dibley filmed? If you know of any other locations used for this series, please comment below.

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