Is Albert Square A Real Place in London

“Is Albert Square a Real Place in London?” is probably to most search for Eastenders related question on Google. After all, when you watch Eastenders, the building’s are outside, have cars driving round and even a tub station, so is it a real please?

I am afraid it is not a real place but in fact a custom build set originally built in 1984 located at BBC Elstree Studio’s in Borehamwood.

Eastenders Albert Square Set – London

In the image above you can make out most of the buildings. Most internal shots are filmed in the internal studios located at the top of the image. You will also notice that the tub bridge is flat. This is because it is in fact not a tube bridge at all, just another part of the set. Originally in the show you often heard the tub going over the fake bridge but never saw them. However since 2010 computer generated technology has been used to show carriages going over the bridge.

Is Walford East a real tube station?

Based on what I have written above you have probably worked this out. But just incase there is any doubt, Walford East is not a real tube station.

Where Walford East would be on the tube map if it really existed!
Where Walford East would be on the tube map if it really existed!

Brand New Albert Square Set

The original external set was built in 1984 and although it has been maintained for over 30 years,. However with the advancements in technology, high definition tv and the bush for better and better quality, in 2013 it was announced that a new external set would be built. Originally set to be completed by 2018, this has been extended to 2023 with an expected cost of £87 million. The new custom built set is also to be based at BBC Elstree at the opposite side to the internal studios.

Brand New Albert Square Set
Brand New Albert Square Set

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