5 Amazing Street View Locations to brighten your day.

After months of rain, cold weather, and dark days I think everyone is longing for a bit of sunshine. Although we can’t speed up summer, nor can we travel at the moment due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, there are still ways to get that summer feeling early. Here are 5 amazing Street View Locations to brighten your day. Click into the one you fancy, set to full screen, and take a walk around some stunning locations.

Palm Springs, California

A favorite home for many celebrities. Palm Springs is located just a short drive from both Los Angeles and San Diego. With its warm climate and mountainous backdrop, Palm Springs is a stunning location for a visit.

Cartagena, Colombia

Colombia has some of the most stunning beaches and coastlines in the world. Cartagena is located to the North West of Columbia on the Caribbean Sea.

Mission River, Queensland, Australia

Located in the far North Queensland, Australia the river travels up to the Albatross Bay.

Hilo, Hawaii

One of the best things about the Hawaiian Islands is that looking in one direction you are surrounded by lush green forests. Turn 180 degrees around and you are looking at a lush coastline and see views.

Railay Beach, Thailand

And last but not least Railay Beach in Thailand. Often quoted as one of the best beaches in the world.

5 Amazing Street View Locations to brighten your day.

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